Opened its first store in Richmond, BC. in 2023, Round Pot, home to our signature dish – the Golden Soup Collagen Chicken Hot Pot. It’s a unique culinary delight, perfect for winter nourishment, offering both exquisite taste and beauty benefits.

Our hot pot, hailing from the Guangdong-Hong Kong region, stands out with its emphasis on freshness and authenticity. At its heart is our special golden soup, simmered for 8 hours, rich in collagen, and bursting with flavor. At Round Pot, we combine tradition and innovation, aiming to provide you with a unique dining experience.」oin us to savor the freshness and essence of this culinary art, whether you’re with friends or family. Come to Round Pot and enjoy this exceptional feast of health and flavor.

Our vision is to continue building on the “RoundPot” name and become a brand that our valued customers can trust. Our mission is to provide excellent products along with outstanding customer service to create the best chicken hotpot experience for the customers.

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